The truth about the Royal Canadian Snow Police.
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Be afraid, be very afraid!
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Their secret hideout (on the edge of Pike Lake, Saskatchewan)
The secret Canadian organization that will corrupt your soul.
Because of the severity of what you are about to read, I have put at risk that which I cherish, sort of. My Amazing Spider-man, issue #300 (worth $30.00 American) may be confiscated due to the fact that secret codes regarding this organization are inserted randomly throughout and could end up causing a serious setback in their plans of national domination, and opening up a couple of resteraunt chains in South Dakota (don't laugh, that's how they got a toe hold in Canada). Don't believe me? Then explain all the submarine sandwich places that are popping up all over.
For those that do not know what the Royal Canadian Snow Police are, I will give you a brief history.
In the year 1967, the CRTC went power crazy. They wanted to go beyond the 80% Canadian content they demanded in all mediums (television, radio, music, etc.) so they joined up with the RCMP to form a new branch of the government called the Royal Canadian 80% Group.
This name didn't have a nice ring to it so they realized they needed a central theme. In their infinite wisdom, they eventually came upon the idea to regulate Canada's official season, winter. Thus they became the Royal Canadian Snow Police (RCSP).
Because it is such a secret organization, they are funded via the so-called "slush" fund. One must wonder why the fund was named as such.
Anyway, what they do is send agents throughout Canada, and Quebec, to make sure every snowfort, every snowman, even every snowball is at least 80% Canadian content. If strict guidelines aren't observed, then this evil force will intrude upon your dwelling and force you to rebuild, within specific parameters set by them. If you do not, then you to may be replaced, like Sesame Street was replaced with Sesame Park.

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