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You    made    it    to    here?

If you made it to this point, then one must ask....why? Why did you go here. Did you expect another line of RCSP conspiracies or some useless retarict (is that spelled right?). If so, welcome! And don't forget the donuts. Now, you and I know that what is being written herein is comeplete drivel and none of what I say is true at all. Or, is it? Is it indeed possible that within this, and my other web sites, I have uncovered some almost forgotten truths that Bouchard himself may have released into my custody. It could be possible that, when we had the Canadian version of 'Big Brother' that this 'man' found my name and said, "hey, let's tell him the truth. He is an unknown. Who would believe him?" For the safety of this country, please listen and know the truth. AND DON'T FORGET THE DONUTS!!!!!!

The    Canadian    Invasion!

The time has come where all must be told. Canada is indeed invading Quebec! With our beer, side bacon, and our wheat, we shall evade, riding upon our mighty grasshopper steeds and take, by force if need be, the Montral Canadians and the Montreal Expos and give them in return REGINA. And if they resist, we'll throw in Toronto and parts of Winnipeg. And then we'll get nasty!

The    Invasion    Continues!

After we have taken Quebec, and renamed it Fred, we shall invade the U.N. building and throw french fries at the dignitaries who have said that Canada is soft. We will not stand quietly, wander a bit maybe, and let the world think that all we have here is beer, polar bears, and igloos. My friends and country-people, lend your voice and support so that one day Canada will not be known as the fifty-first state ....and mean it!