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Two things. One, an alien conspiracy connected to the RCSP has come to light. A major soft drink chain (C... Cola), Eaton's (they're out of business, they can't sue, or can they?), a major manufacturing plant (too big to be ignored), and the Colonal's secret recipe seem to be all involved. Y'know, it's stuff like this that could get me arrested on some goofy charges like libel, slander, or gibberish like that. Two, and more importantly, I have found the pinnacle of food perfection. Nerds, by Willy Wonka. Read on and you to will kind of agree.

God's    almost    perfect    food!

Ah yes. Nerds, made by Willy Wonka (the company does exist!) are a grand mixture of sugar clusters surrounded by a shiny coating of flavored paint.

The taste, the flavor, the scintilating sweetness of these brightly coloured nuggets of pure sweet joy is enough to bring a smile even to those crusty old bums that walk up to you, mumble something about 'spare change' and swear at you as you politely tell them 'get a job'.

I would not be surprised if Nerds brought the end of war, world famine, movies like Battlefield Earth (long live John Travolta!).

Eat all the Nerds you can.

Your dentist will thank you when you see him for a check up.

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