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Secrets of the Royal Canadian Snow Police


Dark days are upon us,my friends. Read on and quiver in fear.
How to protect yourself and stuff.
Favorite games of the Royal Canadian Snow Police.

To learn more about cheese and everything related to this fine product, go to the site: And remember, life is cheesy!

How to protect yourself and stuff.

The primary form of protection is knowledge. Knowledge of who the agents are of this most evil of organizations. I can now, with certainty, tell you who they are.
They are telemarketers!!!
With ultra-avanced technology and superior psychological knowledge, they can tell who will stand in their way of notional domination and their ability to start a restaurant chain in North Dakota. They may call it the "80% Can. Content Club", (or the 80%CCC).

Remember, the RCSP are affiliated with a major toy company and are producing remote-controlled tape worms.

Many citizens have already realized the full impact that this evil influence has taken over our lives, so they have full authority to shoot anyone who is too interested in cheese puffs.